Share WiFi Password in iPhone by Bringing Near iOS 11 Device

New iOS 11 will help you to Share WiFi password in iPhone to any other iPhone, iPad running iOS 11 without entering your password. You just bring new iOS 11 device near to your iPhone or iPad or Mac which already connected to WiFi. This helps you to Share WiFi password in iPhone to any of your friends or family member by bringing their device near to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. The Mac should be running on MacOS High Sierra to share WiFi password to iPhone and iPad. This will help you to quickly setup WiFi Password in any of the iOS 11 devices.

To Share WiFi password in iPhone you have to bring near any other iPhone running on iOS 11 and your device should be connected to a wifi network. On your, friend iPhone ask him to click on the same wifi network (which your iPhone is connected) and then take your iPhone near to your friends iPhone by unlocking. Now you will get pop up on your iPhone to share your wifi password and then click on Share password. As soon as you click on share wifi password your friend iPhone will connect to your WiFi network.

Steps to Share WiFi Password in iPhone by Bringing Near iOS 11 Device

Make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 11 and connected to a wifi network and then follow the below steps.


Ask your friend (whom you want to share your WiFi password) to open setting>wifi then chose the wifi network which your iPhone device is connected.

Step 2

Bring your iPhone near to your friend iPhone (your iPhone should be unlocked) then you will see pop up on your iPhone to share WiFi password. Hit on share password.

Step 3

Once you click on share password you will get a message that successfully shared wifi password. Now your friend iPhone will be connected to your wifi network without entering the password.


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