Insurance for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Having insurance for iPhone is more than a warranty because most of the time you will break your iPhone which doesn’t cover apple warranty. Fixing a broken iPhone will be more expensive because most of the cases Apple will replace your device instead repairing broken display. When you replace a device it will cost you half of the amount what you paid for the new iPhone. So it really pains to pay so much for a broken device. But if you have insurance for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus or any other iPhone you can actually claim the insurance.

When you have an insurance for iPhone, it will protect from all kind of damage like accidental or liquid damage and even it covers theft as well as. In case of physical or liquid damage your device will be replaced(as per insurance company policy) and in case of theft, you will get a certain amount after the depreciation of your device (as per insurance company policy).

There are a lot of insurance companies available in the market who will provide insurance for iPhone 6 iPhone 7, iPhone 8 iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. When you’re having an expensive phone it is better to have good insurance for your phone. You have to pick a right insurance for iPhone by seeing the benefits and after sale service and even claim process. If your insurance company claim process is easy, then you no need struggle to claim your iPhone insurance. So selecting right insurance company for your iPhone is very important.

Advantages of Having Insurance for iPhone

  • Cover physical liquid and theft
  •  You will get peace of mind
  • Save money in case of damage

Buy Insurance for iPhone online in India

Now you can buy insurance online using Amazon. Amazon is selling insurance for phones and tablets depending on the value of your phone. One of the best-rated insurance company is available on Amazon is the One Assist. One assist provides the insurance for iPhones and iPad depending on the value of your iPhone. visit for information for activation and claim.

Top 4 Features of One Assist

  • Covers Accidental Damage and liquid damage
  • Free Doorstep Device Pickup and drop Service from one assist
  • You can transfer Protection plan from Old device to New Device.
  • Maximum 2 claims during tenure

Points to Remember before Claiming Insurance

  • Read the insurance policy terms and condition
  • Communication should be accidental, it should not sound like intentional
  • Intimate Insurance company customer care within 24hrs of damage

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