How to Take Photos with Apple Watch Without iPhone

Apple Watch is one of the beautiful gadgets should have every Apple user. Now Apple watch can do lot many things without your iPhone. Cellular models can even attend calls without having your iPhone nearby. Apple watch is the best friend during your workout and also it will take care of your health by taking your regular physical activities. Other than activities people also now more interested in taking photos. But unfortunately there is no inbuilt camera in the Apple watch, only you can remotely capture the photos from your iPhone. Now with one new upcoming non-apple watch strap can Take Photos with Apple Watch Without iPhone

CMRA is an Apple watch strap where you can Take Photos with Apple Watch Without iPhone. This strap has got 2 inbuilt cameras like your iPhone. The first camera works like the front-facing camera on your iPhone to take selfies and other one works like the rear camera to take any other photos and video. This strap has the 2MP primary camera and 8MP secondary camera. This strap is also water resistant like your Apple watch, which will protect from the water damage. Front facing camera support video and photo chat.

Currently, CMRA is not available in the market, in case if you want to get one you can sign up for the waiting list. Even you can pre-order from the official website and you will get $50 discount. This is one of the best apple watch accessories who love taking photos. Even if your not carrying your iPhone still you can take beautiful HD Photos with this beautiful apple watch add-on accessories. And you can later easily transfer to your iPhone. This is one the best upcoming gadget to Take Photos with Apple Watch Without iPhone.

Technical Specification of CMRA Strap

  • Two HD Camera (2MP and 8MP Expected)
  • 8gb internal memory on the strap for photos and videos
  • Supports Image Stabilization
  • All day battery
  • Support noise reduction when your taking photos and videos
  • Water Resistant
  • Led Indicator
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Pre Order Link (Early 2018)

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