Apple Slowing Down Older iPhone Which Has Weak Battery: Replace iPhone battery

Recently one of the tech guy found that Apple Slowing Down older iPhone Which Has Weak Battery. In the latest IOS update apple patched to the iOS which slows your older iPhone with a weak battery. Apple officially accepted this and then they have given the reason behind that. Older iPhones battery performance will go down after some time. Even battery has his own battery cycle, for iPhone, it has the 500 cycles once it will cross those cycles the performance will drastically come down.

Apple reduced the CPU Frequency of the older iPhone Which Has Weak Battery so that it will consume low power and last for long. If your iPhone has a weak battery on your iPhone and CPU is using high frequency then it will consume more power and your iPhone battery will drain faster. In some of the cases, your phone will shut down temporarily or permanently because of power issues. So that’s reason apple Slowing Down older iPhone Which Has Weak Battery by reducing CPU frequency. By reducing the CPU frequency it will consume the less power and as a result of less power consumption it will slow down your iPhone performance.

Solution: Apple Slowing Down Older iPhone Which Has Weak Battery

The solution to this problem is to by changing your older iPhone weak batteries. When the battery supplies enough power to the CPU it will automatically give the same performance when you bought. You can visit any Apple authorized service centre to replace your older iPhone battery. For iPhone 6s Apple quality program is going on, which is affected by the battery issue. If your iPhone 6s is coming under this quality program then you will get free of cost replacement. Changing battery will give you the better performance and longer battery life to your iPhone. Another option is by upgrading to the new model, you can exchange your old iPhone to new iPhone by visiting the Apple Store. AppleĀ store will give you the best price to your older iPhone.

Resent Response from Apple

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