How to Start Bitcoin Mining using Mac

One of the most popular electronic currency is Bitcoin and the value of the currency is going up day by day. Investing in the bitcoin is now worth because we can see a huge growth in future. The current price of the 1 bitcoin is $14830.00 and it was just $750 in June 2016. If you want to invest in the bitcoin is absolutely worth but the investment also huge. So better option to start bitcoin mining using Mac or Using windows, but it is not an easy task to perform. You can easily start mining the bitcoins by using software but earning is entirely dependent on what GPU and CPU are using on your Mac. (bitcoin growth )

Bitcoin mining is basically your providing the server support to the bitcoin transactions who are doing in different locations. It basically does the mathematical calculation and when you have better processor it does faster. There are many bitcoin mining software available for free but mainly you have to focus on the what processor you’re using on your Mac. If your using Better GPU earning will be more, in case your using an older processor or older Mac the earning will be very less and your cost will be more. When your start bitcoin mining using Mac, you should run your Mac 24hrs to earn better. So you have to concentrate on the electric power and also on the internet consumption cost.

Which Model is better to Start Bitcoin Mining using Mac

If your starting bitcoin mining using Mac, then you should better prefer the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro has the better GPU and CPU which helps you to earn bitcoins faster.  Mac Pro has the dual 3GB graphics card, that means 6gb of the total graphics card. And also comes with the XEON Processor which is most powerful Intel processor and this processor is mainly used for servers. If your running 24hrs then Xeon based processors will last long.

The second option is the iMac Pro which has the almost same configuration of the Mac Pro but it is very expensive. This even if your using for any kind of high-end editing is useful and faster compared to any other model available in the market. And this model comes with the 5K display as compare with Mac Pro and the Mac Pro is just a CPU.

Software to Start Bitcoin Mining using Mac

  • Electroneum
  • RPC Miner
  • cgminer

Start Bitcoin Mining using Electroneum

#1: Create an Electroneum Offline wallet with this link

#2: Download electrum using this link

#3: Run Electroneumd command from downloaded file ( if the file is not opening go to system preferencess>security and privacy>General> then go to apps download option and now you will find an option open anyway for that file. Click on that then it will run)

#4: It will start initialization and synchronization

#5: Now copy the Public key from the downloaded offline Wallet PDF

#6: Wait to complete the synchronization once it finishes it will say synchronization ok

#7: Once synchronization done then type “start_mining <wallet_address> <number_of_threads>”. wallet address you do the copy and paste.



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#8: It will start ming and you can check you’re earning after some time.

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