2 Best Accessories to Protect Apple Watch from Physical Damage

Apple Watch is the beautiful gadget for the iPhone users which helps in their day to day activities. Having an Apple Watch gives you the pleasure but at the same time, you have to concentrate on the protection. Because the Apple Watch is the delegate product when you drop or bang somewhere it can damage easily. Usually, for Apple Watch, there is no repairing policy, Apple Service Center will replace with a new dial. The replacement cost you about 50 -60 % of the new Apple Watch. So it is better to Protect Apple Watch from Physical Damage using accessories. Apple never gives the protective case or the screen guard when you buy a new one. So it is always better to go for better casing and a tempered glass to protect against drop or any kind of physical damage.

How to Protect Apple Watch from Physical Damage Using Accessories

Here are the Best 2 Accessories to Protect Apple Watch from Physical damage

Apple Watch Case

Use a rubberized casing for the Apple Watch, which will protect when you drop or even when you bang. The base model of Apple Watch usually comes with the aluminium body which easily gets dent when you drop or bang. So always better to use the case.

One of the popular protective cases for Apple Watch is theĀ  Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case which will cost you around 16$. This is a flexible TPU case with Metalized button and it is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, Series 3.

Tempered Glass

Another very important Accessory every Apple Watch should have is the tempered glass. Because in case if you get any scratches or damage you cannot replace the only glass. The replacement of Apple Watch is as costly as buying a new one. If you having a tempered glass if you get scratches or damage you can change the tempered glass later easily.

Always better to go for 3D tempered glass which will cover edge to edge and it will protect your Apple Watch better. CELLBELL is one of the best-tempered glass available on Amazon.in which will perfectly fit for any series of Apple Watch. This a 9H thin tempered glass made with silicon.

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