Apple Reduced iPhone Battery Replacement Cost to Rs.2500

Apple finally has given the solution to the customers who were facing the performance issue in the older iPhone which has the weak battery. Apple customer recently complained about the performance of the older iPhone models. And apple accepted that they are intentionally done this to get better battery life in the older model which has the weak battery. So that is the reason Apple Reduced iPhone Battery Replacement cost to Rs.2500 for all the iPhone model.

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Earlier iPhone battery replacement was costing around  Rs.6000 to  Rs.8000 and now Apple Reduced iPhone Battery Replacement cost to Rs.2500. So that customer can replace the iPhone battery and they can jump to the older performance. Apple was slow down the performance of iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 plus which has the weak battery after the update of iOS 11. Now apple user can easily fix this issue by changing their older battery. This option available for 5s ,6,6 plus ,6s  ,6s plus ,7 ,7 plus. In USA apple reduced the batter replace cost to $29 from $ 79.

How to Change iPhone Battery

Those who want to change the iPhone battery, they can visit any Apple authorised service centre. You can call Apple Care to find nearest authorised service centre or you can visit Before visiting the service centre make sure that your taken backup of your iPhone. The battery replacement may take 3 to 4 working days. This is the first time Apple Reduced iPhone Battery Replacement Cost to Rs.2500.

Some of the iPhone 6s may get free battery replacement which comes with the iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues. To check the eligibility of your iPhone 6s you can click below link and enter your iPhone 6s serial number. If your iPhone is coming under this program then you may get free of cost battery replacement. 6s programme For battery replacement for affected phone)


Link to check Nearest Apple Authorised Service, Provider (India) (USA)

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