How to Hide Apps on iPhone using Siri suggestion and Creating Folder

The biggest challenge in iPhone is the lock and hide apps, but it is not possible in iPhone. Some of the people will avoid the iPhone or iPad just because of they can’t hide and lock apps. There are no apps in the app store which can lock the apps. Most people wanted to hide their photos, WhatsApp, and some other apps. There is no app to Hide Apps on iPhone but you can use a simple trick to hide, which makes the app to very difficult to find. You no need spend for this just you have to change a couple of settings on your iPhone.

Mainly people search your iPhone apps using the home screen and second option if they are not getting that particular app then they search in spotlight search(search bar). Either of one option people will find your iPhone apps easily. So to hide apps on iPhone, first you have to hide from your home screen and then you have to hide from the Siri suggestion and search (search bar). This can be done easily by creating a folder and by Turing of the Siri suggestion and search for the particular app. This an easy trick to Hide Apps on iPhone.

Steps to Hide Apps on iPhone using Siri suggestion and Creating Folder

Creating a Folder to Hide App

#1: Press and hold the app, then it will start jiggling.

#2: Drag one app on another and it will create a folder automatically.

#3: Now create the multiple pages inside the folder (you can create multiple pages by dragging the app to the right inside the folder).

#4: Select an app to hide and then drag it into that folder and then drag to the last page of that folder ( create more than 3 page so that one can’t find easily).

Turn off Siri suggestion and  Search for Particular App

#1: Go to Settings > Siri & Search and then scroll down and select which app you want to hide.

#2: Select the app then turn off the Search & Siri Suggestions option, so that it will not appear when someone searches in the search bar and even in Siri app suggestions.

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