Power Bank for MacBook Pro: USB-C, MagSafe

The requirement of power bank is important when using any kind of smart devices like phone, laptop camera etc. The power banks mainly help during your travel and it makes your smart gadgets always on by keeping power source handy. Usually, for the iPhones and iPad, you will find power banks easily in any shops and even in online markets. But many people never thought of Power bank for MacBook Pro or to any other laptop. Some people may be thought about that but they could not able to find one for their MacBook Pro. There are power banks available for the MacBook Pro and for other non-apple brands also.

Majorly you will find the Power bank for MacBook Pro in online market as compare to your local market. There are 2 types power port are available on the MacBook Pro.  The older MacBook Pro use to come with MagSafe and MagSafe 2 and the other one is the Type -C. You will get both type of power bank which supports the Magsafe and the Type- C. To charge your MacBook Pro which has the MagSafe port you have to buy an adapter to connect from your power bank to MacBook Pro(If it is not included in the box). The adapter which uses to connect MacBook is MagSafe to DC Power Adapter or MagSafe 2 to DC Power Adapter. Using this adapter you can connect any old MacBook Pro to power bank which supports MacBook. The Type РC MacBook Pro can easily charge without buying any adapter because power bank itself comes with the default Type РC port.

MacBook Pro power banks are usually bulky as compare to regular iPhone or iPad power banks. This mainly because the capacity of battery they use inside the power bank. This type of power bank even comes with regular USB so that you can charge your iPhone and iPad easily. And also it may take very long time to charge your power bank as compared with the normal power banks. MacBook Pro power banks also all in one solution for your any kind smart gadget to charge on the go.

Best Power Bank for MacBook Pro

MAXOAK USB-C Type C Power Bank for MacBook Pro MacBook Air 11/12/13 Inch

This is one of the best power bank available in the online market which supports old and new MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. This Power Bank cost you $135.99 in amazon.com and Rs. 38,099.00 in Amazon.in. Even you can charge your iPhone and iPad using this Power Bank. This power bank doesn’t support for 15/17 inch MacBook which uses the 85W power.

Tech Specs

    • Uses 36000mAh Battery
    • Ports: 2 USB port, 1 Type – C ,1 DC port
    • Four LED Indicators Show the Remaining Power Capacity
    • Powe Bank include Following Macbook Adapters: DC to Magsafe connector, DC to MagSafe 2 connector, Type C to Type C Connector

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