iOS 11.3 Brings the iPhone Battery Health Feature

iOS 11. 3 now out to the public which brings several improvements and also added the new feature. One of the cool features which Apple has added is the iPhone Battery Health Feature. This actually diagnoses your iPhone battery health condition to give an actual picture of your iPhone battery status. This feature is enabled from iPhone 6 and later device to find your iPhone battery performance.

Now with the iPhone Battery Health Feature, you can Check if the Battery in Your iPhone Needs to be Replaced or not. Normally when iPhone battery capacity comes down below 80% it is recommended change the iPhone battery to get better performance. Now iPhone Battery Health Feature will guide you to change your iPhone battery when battery performance will affect phone performance. Currently, this feature is in beta mode apple may give a better update in future.

Where to find iPhone Battery Health Feature

Step 1:

Go to settings

Step 2:

Select Battery

Step 3:

Battery Health

Maximum Capacity

iPhone Battery Health will show you the maximum capacity that your iPhone battery will  Delivery. This capacity will come down as the time passes depending on your usage. When your iPhone is brand new it delivers up to 100% capacity. Every battery has the cycle once that will finish then performance will come down. iPhone has got 500 Battery cycles up to 80% of battery capacity. It is recommended to change the battery when it is below 80% or once it will finish 500 cycles to go back to the older performance.

Peak Performance Capability

If the iPhone battery is not giving enough power it may cause the unexpected shutdown on your iPhone. To prevent this it will automatically apply the performance management feature to stop the unexpected shutdown. Once the performance management is applied it works normally but it may affect your phone performance until you change or fix your battery. You can disable the performance management feature manually once it has been applied.

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