How to Dictation any Indian Language in iPhone

Dictation helps people to save time in their day to day work. By converting the speech to text using the voice recognition feature. Nowadays most of the people using this option even for their professional work. This feature supports almost all the languages depends on the which phone or operating system we are using.

iPhone supports all the major language dictation, but it limited to Indian languages. in India, you will find many languages but apple not included all the languages dictation. But you can dictation any Indian language in iPhone using an app.

Google Keep app will help you to dictation any Indian language in iPhone, iPad, mac. Google is only one platform which supports almost all the language not only in India but also it covered almost all the languages in the world. Google Keep will use the internet to recognize your speech and then it will convert into a text.

Google keep is the free app available in the app store. this not only helps you to dictation but also works as notes. You can save the notes along with your voice. You can change any Indian language from the settings. This a multi-platform app you can use in any of the devices and it syncs with your Google account.

How to use Google Keep for Dictation any Indian Language in iPhone?

Step 1 :
Download Google Keep

Step 2 :
Choose the language in which you want dictation( chose the mic icon > select globe icon chose the language)


Step 3 :
Dictation will automatically be saved along with the voice

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