How to Add any Folder to Dock in Mac

Mac Dock will keep your Favourite apps handy so you can access your regular apps instantly. It usually won’t allow any other files to keep in your dock. We use folders a lot, what about Folder in your mac dock. But Mac default will not allow you to put the folder in your dock. But there is a simple trick which allows you to add any folder to dock in Mac.

This is a very simple trick by converting a folder to an app. By changing or adding the “.app” extension to a folder. When you change the folder to an app, the Mac will detect as an app and it will allow you add in the Dock. Once you convert into an app you can just drag and drop to the dock. By using this trick you can add any folder to Dock in Mac.

Steps to Add any Folder to Dock in Mac

Step 1:
Select any folder and right click on that, then select get info

Step 2:
Chose the Name and Extension and type “.app” in front of the folder Name without any space and press return key to save.

Step 3:
Then come back to the folder your saved and now it will show as an app format and you cannot read that folder.

Step 4:
Drag and drop to the Dock and it will appear on your dock

Step 5:
Now come back to the folder location choose the folder which you converted into an app. Right-click and then select Get Info.

Step 6:
Select Name & Extention, now remove “.app” and press return key to save.

Step 7:
Now it will show as a folder in the dock and you’re able to access the files inside the folder.

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