iPhone Hang / How To Fix Quickly

Usually, people will say iPhone doesn’t hang at all. But it does hang sometimes because of software glitches or sometimes an app may freeze your iPhone. Frozen iPhone or iPad may show different types of symptoms. And you are not able to switch off or switch on the iPhone. The only solution to fix by restarting the device but normal restart won’t function when your iPhone hang or freeze. So you should do the force restart(Hard Reset) to function your iPhone or iPad normally.

Symptoms When iPhone Hang/ Freeze

  • iPhone stuck in one app and not able to close
  • iPhone stuck in notification centre
  • iPhone touch is not working
  • Unable to turn off the phone
  • iPhone is ringing but the display is not functioning

How To Fix Quickly when iPhone Hang/freeze

You can fix by Restoring Your iPhone (hard reset) You won’t lose your data. Different Model has the different method of hard reset techniques, Follow procedure depending on which model you’re using.

Model: iPhone 4 , 4s , 5 ,5C, 5S, 6 , 6 Plus , 6s, 6s Plus,

Pres and hold the power and Home button until it will show the apple logo

Model: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

Press hold the Power button and volume down button until it will show the apple logo.

Model: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

Press and Release Below Two Button One by one

  1.  Volume up Button ( Press and Release)
  2. Volume Down Button (Press and Release)
  3.  Power Button (Press and Hold Until it will show Apple logo)

And you’re iPhone will restart


If fix not working then it might be having the software issue or hardware issue. In case of software issue, you can fix your iPhone or iPad by reinstalling your iOS. In case of hardware issue, you need to contact apple service provider to fix the issue. Software fix can be done yourself by using iTunes in windows or mac system.

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